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  1. Thank you, See, that's exactly the kind of feedbacks I was looking for. As I said, those are my very 2 first video editing and footages, so I've probably made mistakes, misconceptions or things like this that I want to avoid in the future (one example: as you said, start shooting photos versus having the camera on, the whole flight) I tried to improve the "tell a story" and "compose shots" parts in the 2nd video, the story of life : starting young and discover the world (raising), then being adventurous, and running for life before diying (and last sequence represents seeing your whole life before raising one last time). How can I make the stories more visible in the video? any advices?
  2. And below is my second flight, any feedbacks are really appreciated !
  3. Hey guys, This is my very first flight and video editing, I obviously need to train especially on the control for the camera and do some calibration (the camera and joystick controls were definitively too fast, I will reduce the speed so it would be smoother) Let me know what you think as this is my very first one, I would be happy to collect as much feedback and advices as I can !