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  1. Hi Josh. I am also new and was posting here today and I saw your question. I can give you my perspective since I have the Potensic D85 which has the same camera that the Holystone 720 does. My D85 drone flies excellent. The camera sucks. Its the weak link in that setup. That is my whole issue now and the reason why I was posting here today. The Mavic Mini has a 12 mega pixel camera, which should give you enough quality photos for what you need. You would just need to do it on a day that's not too windy.
  2. Hi, I am new to this forum. I am also a new drone pilot (having purchased a Potensic D85 drone a couple months ago). The D85 is a very good flying drone, but the camera at 2 mega pixels is not adequate for what I need. I would like to eventually go commercial after I have toned my flying skills (and of course passed my exam). But my immediate issue is the camera. is it possible to put a better camera on this drone, such as at least 12 mega pixels for still shots? If so, how to get the range for the wifi? I bought an Apeman A80 (a Gopro knockoff) and it has a 20 mega pixel lens and its quality is acceptable, but it loses the wifi after a distance of about 20 feet. Of course, this is unacceptable. I need a longer range. Does anyone have any suggestions how to upgrade a camera on these inexpensive drones, or do I need to bite the bullet and buy a more expensive drone like the Mavics? I see the actual Gopro brand cameras don't have much wifi range either, which seems odd since Potensic themselves advocates that their drone can be upgraded to a Gopro (but they do not give details how and what to do to accomplish that). Yes, I have contacted them about this and their only response is that a Gopro should work, but if I wait till next year, they will have a new drone out with a better camera!). It seems like there should be a market for these $250 drones, but with better cameras. Any help is appreciated!