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  1. Actually, what about the Parrot Anafi Drones? Are they any good. I found the Anafi Work on amazon for $950. It's supposed to also come with a free one year access to the Pix4D Model software. That would give me some more to explore and play with.
  2. I am defiantly overthinking a lot of this. But, I will find something pretty good to start with. I found a M2 Zoom for a good price. I just put a bid on it. Seller had good reviews. Anyways, thanks for the advice.
  3. Thank you, that is very helpful. I'm going to do the Drone Pilot Ground School. On the drone it self, I will get the Mavic Mini. I'm getting pretty excited about this, so my fist instinct is to go all out and buy the best I can buy. But I do need to start cheaper until I get good at flying. I'm going to check out Ebay as well to see if I can find a good deal on something. Again, Thank you
  4. Hi, I am very interested in becoming a drone pilot. I wanted to ask if the if the Drone Pilot Ground School would be a good choice to go with to get the license. Also, I have been shopping around for some drones and I really want the DJI Mavic Pro. But the price is up their. I'm Willing to spend the money on one, but at the same time I'm just getting started. Does anyone have any other drone suggestions for a beginner? Thanks