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  1. Sorry, but even in the ten minutes of controlled flight, he was in violation of several rules the rest of us have to follow. (Unless he got a waiver for BLOS and Flying Over People.) And to say "I didn't see any activity on the runways..." is like saying, "Oh, I fired a gun at the highway, but traffic was light." The moment he realized he had a flyaway, he could have (should have!!!) contacted authorities, notified them of the system failure, given information about location, altitude, heading, and drift, etc. They would have shut down the airport. These actions might have saved lives, AND, might have saved him from some of the fines. I fly near a military base all the time, with permission, and when I'm in the air, with my tiny little drone, they shut down operations on the base. I asked why they would shut down operations on a huge naval air station, because I was flying in a very small area at < 400' (where their floor is 1000'), and the answer was because of potential flyaways. At all times, safety for manned aircraft is paramount. I'm grateful when I'm given permission to fly in restricted airspace, and I try to follow the rules. I've been a 107 pilot since the start, and I'd like to keep my license and ability to work. This guy didn't Cowboy Up, the moment he lost control, and deserves what he gets. ¶¶¶ About that losing control: we don't have details about that. He didn't implement RTH procedures? The Phantom just wasn't responding? He had video signal. Some weird unknowns here. ¶¶¶ And, did he check for NOTAMS and TFRs beforehand? Presidential TFRs can have as great as a 30 NM radius. We don't have those details. I think the article said he was four miles from the airport. ¶¶¶ Anyway, no sympathy for him... not from me.