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  1. Charge by the job, not the hour. Simple. Put in a clause that if the job encounters difficulties THAT ARE NOT YOUR FAULT there is some contingency.
  2. You'd think that a UAV site that strongly encourages responsible drone operations and operators would not feature videos that violate those guidelines.
  3. Even if you get an "American-made" drone, most/all of the electronic components that make it actually worked are going to come from a foreign country. Most likely China. Making a 100% Chinese free drone will be very hard.
  4. AMA only wants people to fly at/with an AMA affiliated club site. Personally, I want nothing to do with a club. I got into flying helicopters and quads because I wanted to be able to fly in my own back yard, which I did for years. The government continues to make this harder and harder to do. From what I've seen online, flying a UAV in Canada is even worse.
  5. In my experience with the FAA, their estimates on the financial impact on those regulated by a rule is way off the mark. They are required to put a financial impact justification in any proposed rule, but they are regulators not users and often don't understand the actual real world economic impact of what they propose.
  6. What if you live in a no fly zone (like within a couple miles of an airport)? Is the thing smart enough not to launch in unfavorable conditions (e.g. high wind, heavy rain)? If I was serious about breaking into a place, I'd cause some diversion that causes a drone launch. Then wait for the battery to run out and break in while the drone is recharging. Drone probably can't fly for more than about 20 minutes.
  7. Waterfall needs something to give it scale in the early shots. The video does not give a good sense of how big it is until you get to the shot that includes the bridge (IMO).
  8. Where he started from is less than 2 miles from the airport. Flying drones over the LAS strip has been banned for sometime. Even if there are no airliners involved, there are sight seeing helicopters flying around the airport and the strip all the time. Because of the large number of tourists and the scenery, if flying drones on the strip was allowed, you'd see them all the time. The lack of any other drones in the area might have been a good clue that maybe he shouldn't fly there. Common sense should have told him that flying a drone in that area was a bad idea. Common sense should