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  1. I could not think of a better way to introduce myself than using the Phrase when you start programming any language, I am a electrical Engineer who has worked in the Telecommunication area for more than 20 years, I see the potential of drones in surveying cell towers there are many drones with good capabilities but there are specific needs some telecom vendors would need in their reports apart from the photos of the antennas or condition of the tower and there are the mechanical tilts, antenna labels and radio labels. Sometimes these photos are difficult to be taken or needed of an extra device (in case of mechanical tilts). I`d really appreciate it If someone has been working or start developing a project with more vesatile drones perhaps using robotic arms or any other way to access some places that remain hidden from the lens of a cammera and is willing to help me how to start developing my own survey drone or buy one existing in the market (which would be great). Thanks Roger Raad