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  1. So I crashed my quad and the screws holding the motor stripped the mount on the motor i ordered a replacement set happymodel ex1103s kv7000 (original ex1103 kv7000) they say the ex1103s is an upgraded motor for the larva X but I had just unplugged the old ones and swapped over the new ones and the drone would not spool up. Am I missing something in the motor change is there something I could check for (all 4 motors spun after crash)
  2. I am new to drones and the vocabulary is a little confusing to me so I was hoping you guys would be able to help me out here to get flying. I was looking at the iFlight Cidora SL5 Advanced 6S. I will need to buy a transmitter but I cant tell which frsky remote to get for which receiver R-XSR & XM+. I would also like some recommendations for video transition antennas to give the DVR the best signal.