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  1. Hi all, posting this to request input / feedback on a project focusing on radio connectivity networks and unmanned flight. The prelim thought is to fly the ALTA and test wireless radio network implications for the next gen traffic management systems (Portable UTM and Persistent UTM). The range of specific areas to focus on is between: (a) 5G and LTE networks at different frequencies and distances from towers or (b) ADS-B Out equipment at 1090MHz vs 978MHz. The work will be informed by NASA’s UTM TCLs 1/2/3/4. The rig is a FreeFly ALTA 6; max payload at ~15lb (6.8kg), flight endurance at up to ~40 minutes. What are the main pain-points with radio links in your field, do you rely solely on the standard link in the transmitter or do you sometimes use signal repeaters / create custom networks, how might cellular networks be useful for you, how might UTM help? Appreciate your input / feedback -- via PM or below. P.S.: I’m Part 107 certificated - as far as test locations, with sufficient lead time, there may be an opportunity to get waivers approved. The geo areas getting waivers may most likely apply to are those that have 5G mmWave networks deployed.