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  1. I don't see how people can complain against or target hobbyist "drone" flyers...and especially traditional RC model aircraft flyers. My DJI hobbyst drone, for example, already has those 400' AGL restrictions/override as well as dis-enabling flying/entry in special use or restricted FAA, US GOV and even center civilian zone(s) airspace. The manufacturers control and distribute these restrictions at the factory/installs or subsequent SW patches. Don't have the latest SW patch (accidental or deliberate)? My Pro won't fly at all (compass calibration loop) until being up-to-date with certain S
  2. The new proposed/contemplated FAA regulatory restrictions on UAVs are too restrictive! At least for hobbyist drone pilots flying light weight UAVs -- with or without cameras. Drones over 55lbs (i.e., commercial OR with detachable payload capability), for example, should be under tighter control IMHO-- i.e., with FAA testing, vehicle registration, possible UAV flight plan/air traffic control operational monitoring....(filed/reporting OR someday automated). Maybe even any drone over 20 lbs.... But keep the hobbyist vs commercial drone operations (and regulations) separate...and treated sepa