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  1. This is a wrong accusation and I will definitely sue you for slander trust me, I have provided my name, address, a pictures of me and still willing to sign a document to protect both parties. I am a long time member of the RC group and mostly I do sales for friends with a little percentage on my end, this is all business for me, so I do not understand the fact the pictures are taken from different background means I’m a scam. I do not use third party transaction because I have been burned with the same method as well, PayPal doesn’t side with the seller but with the buyers.
  2. @OOAerials I still have this Available.. Please send me a mail at landmine30 @
  3. @Darin Thomas Please send a mail to landmine30 @
  4. DJI matrice M210 V1 Enterprise Drone. It has activated and used. Flown around 6 times, just over 2 hours, of which is mostly sat in a warehouse used for thermal demos. Comes with all accessories including top mounted gimbal and GPS antenna. The only thing that is not present is the single downward gimbal connector. Dual gimbal mounts which can carry two camera simultaneously. Battery charge cycles- 12. Breakdown of included accessories: 1 x M210 V1 1 x Double downward gimbal mount (fitted) 1 x upward gimbal mount 1 x GPS antenna (required for upward gimbal mount)
  5. @david furry I still have the unit available, please send me a PM. Thanks
  6. DJI Ronin 2 3-Axis Handheld/Aerial Stabilizer - Black. Condition is Used. This is the Pro Kit and comes with ALL the accessories plus a total of 6 batteries! Not using it enough and it has super low hours. Very very clean, like new condition. I spent $8800.00 on this kit brand new. Pro combo kit is now selling for over 9k at BHPhoto and that’s with only 2 batteries. Included is: Gimbal Grip Remote Controller 6x TB50 Intelligent Batteries Dual TB50 Battery Mount Battery Charger Quad Charging Hub Battery Charger Power Cable Ronin 2 Power Hub Protective Cas