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  1. I've been flying my Potensic D58 I got for Christmas (my very first drone), and have fallen crazy over flying drones now. I'd like to step up my game now. After looking at my needs & wants for a drone, I've decided on the 2 year old Mavic Air. But every review I see on it is a year or more older. So I'm wondering, is it still worth buying? I seriously considered the Mini, but I'm a bells & whistles type guy who likes options, and the Air fits that bill, especially when it comes to pictures/videos quality.
  2. Thanks. It is nice here, but just got cold yesterday. People were barbecuing Christmas day (it was 60 and sunny). Anyway, I do look forward to getting some amazing shots soon (still learning about my drone and it's operation) as soon as the weather clears. Again, Thanks.
  3. Just got a drone a few days ago for an early Christmas gift (Potensic D58). I'm not exactly a kid (I'm 62), but feel like one with my first drone. I have spent days reading & watching as much as possible about not only the drone, but the laws that govern it. Now, I'm looking forward to having some fun in SW Lower Michigan.