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  1. I live down the road in Lake Havasu. I fly 6 different drones - from 8mm 3D printed up to a 680mm hex with 13" props. I was an avid sport parachutist in the 50s and 70s, I soloed a tail dragger on my 19th birthday, flew helicopters in the Army and flew paragliders up to age 67 - as you can see, I'm all about flight
  2. Rob Cook here, I've been flying a Tarot 680 Pro for about a year - 85 flights so far. Gear includes - Naza M V2, GoPro 3+ Black on a Tarot 2-axis gimbal, 8000 mAh 4s, 12" carbon props, 9" dual diversity monitor/Rx with omni and 5-turn helical antennas, FrSky Tx/Rx. Just getting into FPV with an XHover MXP 300, line of sight for now. Other flying history - fixed wing, rotary wing (military), experimental a/c (home built) and paragliders.