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  1. Hi all. To paraphrase an old saying, I'm a long time reader, first time poster here. As a Part 107 pilot who flies for an archaeological firm, a lot of the sites I'm mapping are out in the boonies where internet is nonexistent except via cell phone, and cell phone reception can be hit or miss if it exists at all. So the Remote ID issue is clearly something I'm keeping a close eye on. I have a few questions I was hoping you all might be able to answer, just to make sure my understanding of the NPRM is correct: A Standard Remote ID UAS would mean a transponder of sorts on the dron
  2. Hi all, I've been reading this forum for years but apparently never posted before. To rectify that oversight: Greetings! I'm a Part 107 pilot and archaeologist for a Cultural Resources Management firm in Cincinnati, which is a company type that exists to provide archaeological and historical architectural studies in the designated work spaces of federally regulated construction projects as part of their environmental compliance protocols. For example, if there's a proposal for a new interstate pipeline project and FERC or the US Army Corp of Engineers is the federal body issuing the permi