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  1. strange. I just opened this on my work PC and I see it embedded now
  2. I made a compilation of my best shots of 2019 which a lot of you liked. So here is Part 2: Edit - why is my youtube video not embedded in this post?
  3. You can . I had no idea how to do this stuff before the mavic 2 pro came out. I was only really doing photography and a bit of gopro stuff. I had no idea how to use Adobe Premiere Pro either. It was intimidating but I guess the key is consistency and you will learn as you go. Ive only just scratched the surface to
  4. Thanks very much Recreational. Id like to go professional as a side job very much but I find the license a bit expensive + I have a day job and limited time at the moment to do it
  5. Hey guys I forgot I posted this here! Thanks all for the feedback and to hear some it looks professional is very inspiring I've been getting into video editing more for about a year now. I have just self taught myself by asking on forums, watching youtube tutorials and keep making more and more videos I have almost completed part 2 as I had more good footage I didnt want to go to waste. Just need to add some sound effects and colour grading and ill post that to youtube to My youtube channel link - https://www.youtube.com/patrickguerrisi This is all done in Australia. Geelong and Parts of the Bellarine Peninsula in south west Victoria
  6. hey guys Pat from Australia here. Just signed up. Been flying for a year with a Mavic 2 Pro. Love every single flight. I posted a video in this forum for my frist post to if you guys would like to check out. Hope to engage with other drone flyers here and learn
  7. hey guys First post here. Ive had a look around this forum and cant believe I never noticed his before it seems really good, active with loads of info. I am Pat from Australia. Ive owned my Mavic 2 Pro for about one year now. Its my first drone and introduced me to this awesome and additive hobby. I am learning more and more about flying and film editing. So I have save all my footage of last year and I made a show reel of my best footage . I am working on part 2 right now because I still have more footage haha Hope you guys like it. If you are interested check out my little youtube channel to. Support is motivating to create more videos Thanks