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  1. I got it from the website, the specifications for the Evo II are listed as 1/2" sensor size. The Evo II pro is 1" and 20 Megapixels. Looks like a very nice drone though. I hope they make it in more colors than just the orange shown, although that's got to be easy to see over long distances.
  2. From my perspective as a long time photographer, a 1" sensor is going to look a lot better than a smaller sensor size, no matter how many pixels you put into it. So comparing the photography versions, Evo II pro and Mavic 2 pro, they are about even spec-wise, except for the giant difference of the Hasselblad camera and color system, which is practically impossible to out do. On the other hand if your shooting mostly video than I'd say Evo has pulled ahead, but if your most interested in stills than Mavic 2 definitely!