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  1. I just purchased a Mavic 2 Pro, the app warns me that I'm in restricted air space (Class B) but I just have to tap on the screen and it disappears. I do have FAA approval but didn't need any unlock to fly.
  2. I'm in JFK Class B Airspace. The FAA suspended the LAANC at JFK in August of 2019. The agency said continued beta testing of the LAANC revealed the need for further refinement of the system's use of airspace data in this area. An enhancement identified by the FAA will improve the capability for processing airspace authorizations for UAS pilots flying near JFK The FAA has not stated when/if the system will be reinstated. I have asked a few at the FAA but nobody seems to have an answer. So last night I put together a request for an airspace authorization and submitted it to the FAA via the DroneZone. To my astonishment, my request was approved this afternoon! Good until 12/2021. Needless to say, I'm pretty happy.