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  1. Below are a few interesting things I have noticed since I started following the Colorado and Nebraska mystery drone stories. The Federal Aviation Administration attended the mystery drone strategy meeting in Brush, Colorado, Jan. 6, 2020. The representative for the FAA was sent from Los Angeles, California, and represents the Western-Pacific Region. Colorado is part of the Northwest Mountain Region and has its own representative. Nebraska is part of the Central Region and has two spokespersons assigned to it. According to people in Colorado, the FAA representatives for Colorado and Nebraska where the drone mystery flights were taking place were not in attendance. It would be interesting to know why the three local FAA reps were not in attendance. Perhaps the representative sent in from Los Angeles is better at crisis information. There have been no press releases about the mystery drones on the FAA website. On the FAA Pilot Web for notices to airmen, a NOTAM for DEN, Denver International Airport, does appear for hazardous birds. “!DEN 11/264 (KDEN A0604/19) DEN AD AP WILDLIFE HAZARD INCREASED MIGRATORY WATERFOWL 1911101129-2003152359.” A cautionary notice about possible wayward mysterious drones does not appear. Below are posts that appear on the Phillips County, Colorado, Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. The sheriff’s office went from Monday being excited they were on the task force and asked the public to help in locating a possible drone command vehicle, to 48 hours later where they announced they were off the task force, stop looking for the drone command vehicle and ask us no questions. The Phillips County, Colorado, Sheriff's Office, Monday, Jan. 6: " A strategy meeting was held today in Brush, Colorado with Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies regarding the drone issue. None of the agencies can confirm that the drones are malicious. A task force has been organized and we are asking for your assistance. Specifically, we are looking for the command vehicle. We are looking for a closed box trailer with antennas or a large van that does not belong in the area. If you see anything that resembles this description, please call the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office at ###-###-####. Thank you." The Phillips County, Colorado, Sheriff's Office, Wednesday, Jan. 8: " The information the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office previously posted requesting the public’s assistance in locating command vehicles associated with the drone issue is no longer pertinent or relevant. The Phillips County Sheriff’s Office is not the task force and our jurisdiction does not extend past Phillips County Colorado. We will no longer be making any statements or press releases about the drone incidents. Thank you." ABC News out of Denver, Colorado, started covering the mystery drone story Jan. 1, 2020. By Jan. 8, ABC News appeared to be going out of their way in reporting that there was no evidence and questioned the continued expenditure of time and resources into the search. Jan. 10 and 11 ABC News continued to push the lack of evidence angle and questioned how much the investigation was costing taxpayers. Jan. 11, a journalist with another news organization wrote an article that appeared to be an open, neutral and honest account of the drone mystery. ABC News posted a comment on that reporter’s Twitter feed of “This article is based on a questionable assumption (“drones of unknown origin are swarming”) that has zero evidence to back it up. Officials say most drone reports are false— airplanes, stars, satellites— and do not believe any company or the military is hiding anything.” The journalist responded to ABC News with " So you're saying the whole Colorado/Nebraska thing is mass hysteria? I'm not asking sarcastically, that's an interesting idea. The fact that some video has surfaced would tend to undermine it... " It appears that ABC News has an agenda to discredit any other reporting that doesn’t support the lack of evidence approach. The last article by ABC News was Jan. 14.