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  1. Start w looking at the software you will want to use...many drones now are not compatible with flying automated grids...check the compatibility list at pix4dcapture or dronedeploy.... second...looks at a drone camera's bitrate to the sd card...many new drone cameras are over 100mbps...if your SD card is not rated for that rate, much or all your flying will never make it to the card. if your serious about lifting....get a lift drone....you will overload your motors on non lift drones if you try to carry anything...you will get warnings right after takeoff...i know. we have an m60
  2. My point is that it should not be on your friendly list of places to fly in the Detroit area if you need an FAA Airspace Waiver under Part 107 to fly here. LAANC may be promised "soon" by Airmap, but for the past 2 years and right now, pilots must go through the FAA Waiver process to fly at Huron Point in Macomb County, which will go to the Air Traffic Control at Selfridge Air National Guard Base and likely promptly denied, see below. If you have ever tried for an FAA waiver (I have 2) you know its not easy and not something you can do on the spot. DJI will geofence pilots out of Hur
  3. I have the hubsan 501a....it flys fine, but images are blah...my recommendation is go on eBay and try to snag a phantom 3 standard, or dji soark for $200... maybe $250. You will not like the pictures or videos from any sub $200 drone, it will only wet your appetite for a dji, parrot, or autel drone....and then, your starting $200 in the hole already. Check out Craigslist locally. Potensic makes decent flying drones...we start our pilots on those ($30 amazon) before graduating them to a dji spark their first year. Dfd
  4. HURON POINT YOUR #4 IS RESTRICTED!!!! AND NOT LAANC available due to Selfridge Air National Guard Base !!!!!! This is clear in FAA Visualize it as well as Airmap...very bad advice!!! Definite Fines for flying anywhere near Metropolitan Park!!!!!! This is a military base!!!!! The airspace in the City of Detroit and along the Detroit River are heavily influenced by City Airport (near Belle Isle), and Metro International Airport...I recommend checking the FAA map directly before you fly... https://faa.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=9c2e4406710048e198
  5. We needed to fly in Zero Laanc zone. We contacted the local ATC a month ahead of time, provided them a mission plan, met with them before the flight face to face to go over the flight and contingencies. We were granted a flight window with very specific times. We were flying a dji P4P and we're instructed to called ATC before and after the flight. If you really need a flight in zero Laanc area for a legitimate purpose and your 107 Certified, I believe the local atc will work with you. Just don't show up that morning asking for permission. Dfd
  6. What you need from a business sense is just some common organization to start. Were still using excel spreadsheets. I started using Skyward only for their LAANC authorization, and still do. This is a free service. Our shop started as a small one person one drone UAS "proof of concept", and now we are up to 25 pilots and 25 aircraft, from Spark trainer to M600 heavy lifters. (anafi and yuneec too). We are averaging around 10 flights a month. In terms of "managing" our personnel, hardware, and software, we still cannot afford spending $300-$500 a month on Enterprise type softwa
  7. The area of the flights is dotted with small FAA no fly zones due to the 150 or so missle sites.....this has top-secret military exercise written all over it....we don't need to know...forgettaboutit.....