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  1. Congratulations to the UAV Coach team. I have thoroughly impressed with the value of the product and community you are building! I look forward to continuing to use you for my company needs and referring to my Client partners.
  2. Found it interesting that Precision Hawk just named James Norrod as new CEO My thought on the series E raise last December was likely a down round and wonder if new CEO was a condition by prior investors.
  3. Welcome Travis, drones are awesome for film and surveying. Where are you based and/or able to travel to ?
  4. What is everyone's thought on the best app or SaaS for sharing drone ortho/ 3D imagery with customers ?
  5. My name is Brian and I am based out of North County San Diego. I love drones because they combine so many of interests (Aerial flight, photography, mapping) including some that I really have not spent much time doing since childhood. I grew up flying Cessna 150s with my Grandpa so refreshing on charts was a walk down memory lane. I also won some photography awards as a child and spent time developing film with my stepfather so seeing what is possible digitally now is surreal. Technology is rapidly changing and I really believe we are just at the beginning pertaining to drones and aerial