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  1. Hi! I'm about to buy a drone from another user, but quite new though. I will use it around my home for fun, taking photos and flying over the forest etc. There is a couple of possibilities for me: DJI Mavic Pro (Fly More with 2 extra batteries): 689 USD DJI Mavic Pro (with taller landing gear, no extra battery) 660 USD DJI Mavic Pro (Fly more with 2 extra batteries) 689 USD + ship cost Yuneec Typhoon H Plus RealSense (un-locked up to 500 meters height) 541 USD Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Realsense (+Wizard, 2 batteries) 590 USD So what's the differences between Typhoon H Plus and Pro? As I can see, the Plus edition is a bit heavier, takes photo in 20 megapixles and have different batteries and voltage from the Pro edition. Seems quite hard to get new batteries for the Plus edition here in Sweden. Please help me with your clever advices.