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    Arducopter 2.6 is what I have now using the mission planner software. Extremely happy with it. It does more than I was looking for. Very stabile and was in my budget at the time. I may upgrade later though. Yeah I figured I needed the transceiver and ground receiver. I am fairly new to digital photagraphy. Hell, I still use a 35mm camera. Shhhh, dont tell anyone. I knew the new digital cameras out there can record video, I just wasnt aware they could be adapted to streaming, or could even interface with a signal setup. I will look at that link you sent me later this evening an
  2. Ventus8232


    So you can actually use a standard hand held camera on a drone for live stream? Jebus crisp I have more to learn than I thought lol.
  3. Some amazing shots and exactly the reason I want to get into aerial photography! Shot like this just reinforce my convictions.
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    Up until now I've been flying the cheaper almost toy type drones with a built in camera and having a blast learning. Slowly upgrading things and now I am building my own hex drone for aerial photography. I was wondering, do they make a camera with zoom? And is it controllable from the ground?