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    Arducopter 2.6 is what I have now using the mission planner software. Extremely happy with it. It does more than I was looking for. Very stabile and was in my budget at the time. I may upgrade later though. Yeah I figured I needed the transceiver and ground receiver. I am fairly new to digital photagraphy. Hell, I still use a 35mm camera. Shhhh, dont tell anyone. I knew the new digital cameras out there can record video, I just wasnt aware they could be adapted to streaming, or could even interface with a signal setup. I will look at that link you sent me later this evening and start researching and planning. Not in any rush and just want to get my drone built right the first time.
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    So you can actually use a standard hand held camera on a drone for live stream? Jebus crisp I have more to learn than I thought lol.
  3. Some amazing shots and exactly the reason I want to get into aerial photography! Shot like this just reinforce my convictions.
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    Up until now I've been flying the cheaper almost toy type drones with a built in camera and having a blast learning. Slowly upgrading things and now I am building my own hex drone for aerial photography. I was wondering, do they make a camera with zoom? And is it controllable from the ground?