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  1. Does anyone know if the Google Pixel 3a xl is compatible with the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum or vise versa the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum compatible with the Google Pixel 3a xl?
  2. Hey Andrew, I was looking at your comment and I have done a lot of research trying to find the right drone. And I still am but that doesn't mean I dont know a thing or two. I see that you said that it will be for traveling purposes but didn't think the Mavic 2 Pro will do the job. But I can assure you it will do just fine. Then you said the Inspire 2. Sure it is one the best drones probably the best drone DJI ever made but yes price is a factor but also size and set up is a nightmare according to some people. 16.81 inches (42.7 cm). Height – 12.48 inches (31.7 cm). Width – 16.73 inches (42.5 cm), without propellers. That's basically a foot all sides and I dont know if you want to carry around that big of a drone. Now for the Phantom series I do have to admit I don't really know a lot about this series but that it does stand pretty high in one of the best drones. Now there is the new Autel Evo 2 having a 6k or 8k camera and a battery life longer than the Mavic 2 Pro. Just a little bit bigger. But also coming from a background that's not that hopeful but apperently it's holding up and showing some people. Hopefully this helps.
  3. I have a question. I have been looking to get into the hobby of drone flying for quite sometime now ever since I have joined cross country and track. We thought it would be a cool thing to have for the team. We were looking into the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum and I was doing some research about FAA registration and all that stuff and found this. "If you buy a new drone in the U.S. to fly non-commercially, you no longer have to register your drone with the Federal Aviation Administration, according to a decision issued today by a federal court in Washington, D.C.". Is this true? If I were to buy the Mavic Pro Platinum would I have to register it? Also would I need a license to pilot the drone? Should I even consider getting a drone at this point or time? Because I have been seeing that it's the end of the hobby and its not worth it with all the new rules coming out and the real ID thing.
  4. I am looking into this drone right now actually but money is a little bit of a problem.
  5. Hello UAV Coach or coaches, I am relatively new to the whole drone world and I do own a drone of my own. But my drone is really cheap, maybe around 50-75 dollars, and was wondering if I could get some advice on what drone to get. I have upped my price range to 250-300 dollars and was looking for a drone I could take to my cross country and track meets. I was preferably looking for a drone that could fold for easy storage, good camera and video quality, a good range for cross country meets, and good fpv transmission. Also could handle well in medium to high winds just in case. Thank you for your time.