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  1. Hey Yo's: Real quick up front, as a quick aside before you dive in. Any time I am involved in a debate, argument, or making potentially contentious statements or claims, just keep in mind, I am doing so fully cognizant of the potential that the side or conclusions I am supporting, could be absolutely dead wrong. I could have assessed something with flawed or incomplete data, or I could have simply made an error or am just wrong. So, I just ask that if you think I'm full of hot air, tell me why instead of just attacking my character or reminding me chicks don't dig orange hair...I already
  2. Hey Yeah, I understand the justifications driving the requirements. I've been involved with the FAA in one way or another for the larger part of 3 decades, and even spent a brief 2½ years working in their environmental compliance of airspace rule making shop. One of the most common misnomers about the FAA which everyone involved in aviation is what it is that drives the FAA's culture of safety, and the true nature of the resulting regulations imposed. It seems like an obvious answer to most, make sure the all the airplanes operate safe and in an organized fashion. That is true, but it's
  3. Good point. As a long time GA guy, I could offer a few examples of why the coverage needs to be reliable outside the vicinity of airfields. But none of that carries any relevance with respect to my objections to a plan which relies on the development and integration of a completely novel system which does nothing more than duplicate some of the most basic and elementary reporting functions of multiple ATNS systems which are already globally deployed and could very easily and cost effectively be expanded to meet the unique requirements of the UAS community. I suspect that it wouldn't take
  4. I assume this question has already been chewed up and beaten like a dead horse, but I gotta ask. With respect to this internet based identity reporting thing. I assume the answer will talk about line of sight signal requirements and loss of signal at lower altitudes, but still. Why in God's name are reinventing the friggen wheel and not simply integrating a system directly into the existing ADS-B system? I don't care about loss of signal at low altitudes, there are 1001 easy solutions to mitigate that. Help me out here.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm really happy to have found this site, it's already answered many questions I've had. Quick background, I've been flying General Aviation aircraft since I was 14 years old (40's now), had my pilot's license before my driver's license, and while convinced I wanted to be a airline pilot stayed in the GA sector of the industry. As it sits now, I have roughly 2,000 hours logged during my training, instructing others, and selling aircraft in a defined territory. I also spent significant time maintaining both today rotary and fixed wing aircraft, lobbied on behalf o