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  1. Gents good evening. Thank you! -Alan, settings as in anything in the transmitter or camera itself i.e. updated firmware etc. i have looked into this and there was nothing specific. -Aaron, all of my systems are Mac's, and i too brought up windows player and was not able to get that really crisp look. i received the Base 10 micro sd card, and i must say it really changed everything. Not as good yet as what i see in youtube but progress. Will keep you posted, as tomorrow will be a video day for me. Thanks, Elcid
  2. Hello everyone, new to the forum and I must say extremely informative. I just purchased a Q500 plus as my first large Quad and I must say that I am very impressed. I was very fortunate to have flown some of my buddies birds, DJI, Chroma, 3Dr and I like my Q500+ Question on the camera, I am getting "ok" quality on the video it seems choppy and not with the really nice quality. I ordered a 10+SD card for the system as I was using some other micro SD's. have any of you experience this? -Also, are there any setting anywhere relative to the camera itself? Thanks, Elcid