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  1. Just got my Typhoon H. So far, I love it. It moves fast! I still trying to figure out how to use all the advances features on it.
  2. Thank you for the welcome! For my business, I am going to start off looking for opportunities that allow me to work nights and weekends, so Real Estate and roofing inspections are going to be my initial target markets. Once I get some business experience under my belt, I will start reaching out to potential customers in different markets. I live near some large tree farms so that could provide value for them. Events photography is another potential area I am looking at. As far the Yuneec Q500- I love it. It is a stable platform with a high quality 4k camera. They have put a lot
  3. I tried identifying the US made drone makers and none of them posted prices. They wanted you to contact them for pricing. Typical for the B2B market but frustrating for anyone trying to research. Since they're not competing for the consumer market, my guess is their prices are closer to the 20k than 2k lol.
  4. I just cant imagine that US laws would apply to you as long as you're in Canadian Jurisdiction. I just checked the US FAA app BeforeUFly and "airport warning" zone ended at the US border. So, I would just make sure there are not any airport restrictions put on you from the Canadian Air traffic control.
  5. Glad to join! I've have been flying photodrones for the past year, flying in the Orlando area and in Utah, using my Yuneec Q500+. I love the different perspectives that you get from flying a drone. Anyway, right now, I am in the process of getting my 107 and get a drone businesses started on the side. Once I get my 107, I am planning to upgrade my drone to something newer like a DJI or a Yuneec Typhoon H.