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  1. Hello everyone, I have recently purchased Phantom 4 Multispectral for crop analysis. But I'm really new to this multispectral camera, on how the data gets captured and how to process it to get meaningful insights. All I know is that the RGB camera data gets stored as .jpg and the multispectral data in .tiff format. And I use Dronedeploy for mapping, I'm also aware that this can be used for analysis by just uploading the multispectral images onto the application. I would be using the drone to analyse crops(Sugarcane, Corn etc.), orchard (Guava, Mango, Banana etc.). At a basic level, I would like to understand the crop stress, soil moisture level, nitrogen absorption, plant health and things like that. I would really love to explore other possibilities with the multispectral camera, for which I need your help. So my big questions are, How do I understand the data after the application has processed it? And what needs to be known, to be able to understand it? How can I take corrective measures based on the data? Is there a specific way I need to fly my P4 to obtain best results? What's the minimum overlap I need to set? Should I go with NDVI or NDRE? Or both? And why? What are the applications I should use on Dronedeploy for my purposes listed above? All and any information regarding this would be really appreciated. Advices and suggestions are most welcome. And if there is anything I need to know apart from the questions I've posted, do let me know. And all the P4 Multispectral fliers out there, your knowledge and experience is much needed to me, do kindly share it. Thank you.