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  1. Hey hey! I've made another little video for you guys, but this time it's from my drones point of view. My next drone upgrade will be a gimbal (auto bal) and a new body/shell. Any ideas of what body I could use? I would like something that looks like the Phantom.
  2. Hey again folks. Thank you so much for all the help! After a little break from my build, I started again. And I actually found the problem. My battery was too bad quality. So I didn't have the power that the motors needed. After buying a new battery, my drone flies perfectly! You guys have really been a big help for me. Thank you! I've made a little video for you.
  3. Yep, we have the same MP version. I have downloaded the logs now, is it possible for you to send one of your logs to me? That would really be appreciated! I don't have telemetry, so i'll need a DataFlash log, i think.
  4. Okay, thanks for the many good suggestions. First of all, yes. I have calibrated the TX like in the video. ✓ @Cpt HB i have seen all af Painless 360s videos, I love it! My APM software is 3.2.1, and my MP software is 3.3.37. I heard the beeps from the ESC, both at max and min. So that should also work just fine. My THR_MAX is at 1000. I guess the next step is to buy some new ESCs, or what do you think?
  5. I check the battery every time I try to fly it, both before and after. It says that there is enough power, both before and after. But! On the motor package it says "Different ESC is perform better or worse with each motor. If the motor makes unusaual sounds, tty retiming the ESC, or use a different ESC. Differenct ESC's will give variations In performance and power." (The spelling errors are not mine, it's form the box.) But I think it means that it may be the ESCs that causes the problem. Should I try to buy some new ones? Maybe these Emax 30A or Emax 20A Btw @Cpt HB my BEC is linear. And how do i find out if my TX is sending PPM?
  6. Here are som pictures of my setup. My props are 1045, just like yours I think. I've also chosen QUAD X configuration. And my props are also secured. But I noticed that there is a different in our inputs on the APM and RX, why, have i done something wrong? This is a picture af my RX and APM connections mixed together. Hope you can understand it even though I'm not the best foto-editor.
  7. @Spitfire76 i've now tried the ESC-by-ESC calibration again. But nothing new. When the props are off, it looks normal. The motors spins faster when I push the throttle up, and less when I reduce the throttle. But with the props on, it still looks like in the (first) video. @Cpt HB i don't quite understand the pwm and ppm. But my TX is a FrSky Taranis Plus and the RX is a FrSky X8R.You have any ideas?
  8. Okay, thanks. I'll try that, when i get home.
  9. Neither did that help... Still same problem.
  10. Thanks. The props are pointing the rigt way. My throttle channel goes from 989 to 2014. So that's almost the same as yours. ;( I'll try to calibrate the ESCs again.
  11. The ESCs, radio, acc. and compass are all calibrated. I have made a little film in slow-motion (240 fps) of the drone spinning at low speed. It look like it's all going in the right directions. I have checked that the propellors are mounted correctly. Could it be the ESCs that cause the problem. Maybe the ESCs are too cheap?
  12. Here is my next problem... The drone won't take off, I have filmed it so you can see what actually happened. It's like the battery runs low in 3 seconds, or something. Video of the problem: I have collected some information about the drone here: Flyning mode: Stabelize Battery: 11.1 V 3S Lipo 2200 mAh Battery before video: 12,2 V Battery after video: 11,9 V Motors: Emax 935 kv brushless External GPS and compass: uBlox NEO-6M Flight controller: APM 2.8 ESC: 30A with SimonK firmware Any suggestions will really be appreciated!
  13. You are my hero Richard! It's now working, i can see my drone in MPs map/GPS window. I'll go fly it in a moment. Thank you so much! ;3
  14. Thanks. I have connected the external GPS/compass exactly like yours. But when I open Mission Planner i can't see the external GPS/compass ('NO GPS' and I can't calibrate the external compass). The APM is a 2.8 so I don't think i'll need to disconnect any of the onboard-connections. I don't get it. Is there something I have missed during the process.. I've also ran into another problem... I'll send you a video tomorrow, maybe you can help me. ;(
  15. Thanks @Spitfire76! Multiwii, my mistake. I meant Mission Planner. I have calibrated the board (level, acc., compass and so on). But I don't know how to make the APM use the external GPS/compass. As said before, when I plug it in, it starts to flash blue, but nothing els happens. Any idea how to make the board and GPS/compass communicate?