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  1. SOLUTION -I think that the market is not good enough for many p speed test eople to approach aerial photography as a f showbox ull-time gig. Most people approach it as a sort of side-hustle that they can do on the side. D usps tracking o you want to join a company that flies drones as a pilot or are you trying to start your own business?
  2. hi i was looking into getting into being a Drone Pilot (possibly full time) but i have no idea where to start (have to do training since i've never flown a drone before and get licenses too). i have no experience, equipment, knowledge, etc... i'm as green as you can get. i have some family in the real estate business who i'm sure would probably benefit from a Drone Pilot so i'm thinking that's a good way to get in the door right. willing to travel anywhere, anytime for the job as long as it makes financial sense.