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  1. There are increasing discussions regarding how China’s companies use drones against the coronavirus outbreak. For example, two top drone manufacturers in China, DJI and XAG, encourage their users to join respective initiatives regarding the fight against coronavirus. Now, I am living in the centre of the Virus outbreak, Wuhan, so it enables me to provide some observations and reflections about the use of drones.Technically, it is not hard to deploy drones in medical response missions as these companies need to adapt their agricultural drones. However, it is noteworthy that the drone manufacturers integrate their resources effectively in the short term.According to the data released by the XAG, until Feb. 12, there are over 285 drone teams have joined over 2000 times of missions. Although the DJI has not yet published counterpart statistics, it is estimated that the total disinfecting areas will over 0.4 billion square meters.Besides, although both companies label these actions as “voluntary” ones, you will find from public sources that they provide subsidies and technical assistance for pilots. For example, UTC, which is the professional drone application training program offered by DJI, is continuously providing free online courses regarding how to stop the spread of the virus.From the perspective of drone companies, such investment would pay them back with significant benefits, such as free advertisement, good relation with local authorities and possible tax cut.What lesson could we learn through the experiences of drones amid coronavirus outbreak? Some Chinese comments indicate that the plight of coronavirus has already stimulated the boom of using drones in the case of medical or disaster response missions.I support such a positive assumption. For example, in China, when talking about disaster response missions, few commercial companies will dedicate to such a specialised field as they are not regular services. In this situation, a model like "Airbnb" will be more practical. It means that those agricultural pilots could be used in the case of emerging diseases, such as the locust plague in East Africa and South Asia.
  2. Hi, Maybe you can try Pix4Dfields They also provide online knowledge center where you could find a number of tutorials. Best,
  3. Hi, this is Yu LONG from AOPA-China. I am in charging of legal and international affairs of AOPA-China. AOPA-China represents the largest general aviation community in China. Since 2014, we are authorized under the CAAC to certify UAV training institutions. Until 2019, there are over 67, 000 UAS pilot certificates are issued in our training system. Thanks for your detailed introduction about the regulation and policy of UAV on your website (I read it through using google translate). It arises my strong interests about the rapid development of UAV market in brazil. Although it may deviate your topic and business, I am wondering how about the market of UAV training schools in Brazil? Especially in the field of agriculture? Thanks in advance. Sincerely, Yu LONG Email: longyu@aopa.org.cn Linkedin