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  1. There are increasing discussions regarding how China’s companies use drones against the coronavirus outbreak. For example, two top drone manufacturers in China, DJI and XAG, encourage their users to join respective initiatives regarding the fight against coronavirus. Now, I am living in the centre of the Virus outbreak, Wuhan, so it enables me to provide some observations and reflections about the use of drones.Technically, it is not hard to deploy drones in medical response missions as these companies need to adapt their agricultural drones. However, it is noteworthy that the drone manufactu
  2. Hi, Maybe you can try Pix4Dfields They also provide online knowledge center where you could find a number of tutorials. Best,
  3. Hi, this is Yu LONG from AOPA-China. I am in charging of legal and international affairs of AOPA-China. AOPA-China represents the largest general aviation community in China. Since 2014, we are authorized under the CAAC to certify UAV training institutions. Until 2019, there are over 67, 000 UAS pilot certificates are issued in our training system. Thanks for your detailed introduction about the regulation and policy of UAV on your website (I read it through using google translate). It arises my strong interests about the rapid development of UAV market in brazil. Although it may de