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  1. Generally any park in the L.A. County area, but I've talked to one (Field of Dreams, San Pedro). They say flying is against the law in L.A. County. Another park with wide open spaces is Friendship park in San Pedro. Others are the area bounded by MaryMount hiking trail and Palos Verdes Dr. E. (don't know what this area is, but has the hiking trail...), La 'Bonita Park in La Habra, La Mirada Park, La Mirada ... I'm just looking at Google Earth for most of these places, near where I am from time to time.,
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    Battery Charger

    I've had a problem with the original battery charger (about the size of a domino) for this. It worked only for a couple of minutes, lost all it's smoke, and quit working. I was using it with extra batteries and a special harness. Should this be ok, or does it require too much of the charger? Would I be better off getting a different charger (cheap?)
  3. I just got a Hubsan X4 502S, but finding a good place to fly it in the L A area (San Pedro and Whittier especially desired) seems difficult. The local park has large areas with no people most of the time, but I'm unsure of legality. It's a long ways from any airports. I really don't want to drive 20 or 30 miles in city traffic to fly. This is a hobby, no business involved. I might could get a professional license if that would help me. Among the needed info : - Altitude limit = 400 ft above terrain or buildings, etc. - How far out from launch can I fly? Limited to field size, or line of sight (there are mods that allow VERY long range that I haven’t' done), or just not over roads, people, 5 miles of airports, etc.? - How strict is enforcement as to flying location, distance, etc. I can imagine that in the middle of the desert, no one would likely care, but if I miss the parameters a bit (but not the critical points above) in the launch areas here, what can I expect? Can you offer any information? Thanks!
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    Where do I go from here?

    It seems that even though I have tried a couple of units, I can't find one that works well for me. I own : JJRC H18 JJRC H20 The H18 problems are: - Controls much too sensitive. Inside I crash into things, outside I can't keep it inside desired boundaries. No "slow" setting. - I have temporarily lost it, but since painting it bright orange, no more losses. - Short flight time, can't change battery - Instructions are incomplete, confusing, too brief. The H20 problems are: - Even on "slow" setting, controls still more sensitive than I want. - With its 5 second loss of control signal run-on, and the really poor control distance, I've had it just zoom away several times. Once took about a half hour to find it. I just did the antenna mods, yet to see how much that helps (or not). - Instructions are incomplete, confusing, too brief. What I think I need, or as close to as possible (some of this may be dreaming, but tomorrows realities are today's dreams) - A bit larger, or much larger, unit - BRIGHT color, easily visible against all sky conditions, trees and vegetation, and ground of all kinds - Cost up to about $100 or so, as long as it's reliable and I can be pretty sure it won't get lost. Preferably less, might go more for really good one - VERY stable flight. Take hands off controls, it will stop and accurately hover, even in breeze. - LOW sensitivity in control "slow" setting - LONG range control - Headless mode - Auto return upon button push or loss of contact to ground level launch site, shut down when get there. Don't care if this is a minor crash, just don't auger into ground. - Easy to maintain - MUCH less run-on with loss of control signal, no more than 2 seconds, then auto return if control signal is lost. - Can change batteries - UNDERSTANDABLE, FULL instructions - Parts readily available, for long time Nice to have : - Programmable flight - Good controller - Many levels of control speeds, maybe 5 (super slow to high), and/or logarithmic control levers with very slow early response, speeding up with greater movement - Optional removable camera Don't need (but don't object): - Aerobatics, flips, etc. Also, any ideas you may have? Thanks!