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  5. Palisade in Gateway, CO Fort Collins, CO lights Pueblo West, CO Spring snow Rocky Mountain National Park (yes... taken outside park boundaries) Fort Collins Sunset Cliff at Pueblo Motorsports Park, Looking out over Pueblo Reservoir

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  6. Hey Everyone, 


    Just got our website started up after receiving our Exemption.  It's not finished yet, but the home page is there.  Check it out,  feel free to share pointers, it's my first time writing my own website.  Feel free to criticize, I need the feedback.  Thanks!

    PS:  It just went live last night so it's fairly hard to find unless you type the address in directly.  If your feeling generous, share my site and that will help me get listed higher.  Thanks Gents!



  7. PS. Not sure how distance is rated on these, Radius or diameter, horizontal or diagonal, and at maximum legal height or maximum capable height? I have taken my DJI out to about 2200ft at 400ft elevation. Which is about as far as I can see it (if i never let my eyes leave it). I never lost reception entirely but its pretty weak at that range and video starts to dropout. Not sure how much further I could go without losing it completely, but I think another 1000 feet would be out of the question. The sand dunes will be another good place to test this, Should be minimal interference and I c
  8. Ford... Of Course... Not even a question. Of course my wife drives a Chevy and I drive a Ram. SO what's that tell you? (Gonna need a dislike button if somebody replies: MY wife is smarter than me) Just Kidding. Anyway, this is a great question. I haven't looked into it much as I have been very happy with my DJI P3P. I love everything about it except that I can't change cameras. And the price to go to an Inspire is, well... Not inspiring. I love how the camera is part of the brainbox of the drone so it knows when I'm applying rudder and helps account for this (not a replacement for a smo
  9. SO here's something ya'll might like. I put it in Action sports because this video is of such, but the possibilities of a drone for VR are quite unlimited. Check it out.
  10. Now here is something that would be awesome for the action sport videography industry. I could just see a motocross track with 3 of these following each rider. It's gonna need some serious collision avoidance technology but, I think it's close. Can't wait!!
  11. Combine this technology with infrared cameras, and a microphone (that can listen for pleas for HELP of course) and some flashing red and blue lights... We have a far safer and less expensive form of search and rescue. Guys like me really need this when we go have more fun than fuel in the backcountry. HAHAH
  12. Here's a little family video that I thought the UAV community will enjoy
  13. Well come on out to Colorado and see Rocky Mountain Rentals. You can have almost this much fun!!! And yes, in case anyone wonders... I did this for free for a close friend. Still waiting on the FAA!!