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  1. ...what he said. I saw this craft demo 'ed a couple of times last week in LV and was very impressed with it's 'commercial/pro' muscle. I'm hoping to upgrade part of my small fleet in this direction by year's end.
  2. Took all week but finally ran down Alan Perlman and Lana Axelrod from UAV Coach and Drone Pilot Ground School at last week's ID in Las Vegas...great week!
  3. Alan...good to meet you and your team at InterDrone. Too bad it was Friday instead of earlier in the week, but there's always next year.
  4. I've read this also. Haven't flown it yet but I will be 'backing off' those mounting screws a bit as a precautionary measure.
  5. Good looking forum! I just picked up a Phantom 3 Pro and was very hesitant to do so because of some of the issues reported with stress cracks that sometimes appear in the underside of the motor housing. No problems with mine (...a low flight time, pre-owned quad) so far. However I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, or if anyone has found a way to avoid it.