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  1. I would use this drone to help train my grandchildren and their friends to fly with happiness in their heart. I have a Mavic Pro that I am very cautious of letting them use. We have tried many different machines and the kids are always left wanting more. DJI machines will cure them of their boredom. This mini will be their own to become the pilot they dream of becoming. KEEPING IT INTO THE BLUE Christopher
  2. Hi everyone. Good to part of this group of people who enjoy their flying abilities. I have been messing around with drones for many years and in the past year or so I decided to be more committed to my pleasure of flying. I have a DJI Mavic pro as my most advanced drone. I have used up two batteries and working on my 2nd set of 2. This year I plan on doing a lot more of flying and developing my skills at flying and photography. I will be always looking for pointers and searching out new ideas. looking forward to many years of flying enjoyment!! Thanks Christopher