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  1. Oh, sorry Kenjancef, I am located in Arlington, Texas. I am one of eight team members working on a quad-copter for an indiegogo campaign. Five of us are in located here in the US and three abroad. I noticed you mentioned 3D printing in your post, we were exploring 3D printing our parts, is it possible to 3D print all parts for a quad copter, which parts do you think one should 3D printed and which parts should be ordered? I like your description about quad copter development process and interested in knowing if you have time in working in our project as part of our team. Attached, please find photo of our team member.
  2. Anyone interested in a week end quad copter build party in Arlington/Dallas, Texas area? We can organize it to go from Friday evening to Sunday evening. We can decide on which part list to use as soon as we get some interest. I am interested in building a quad copter I can seek fund on indiegogo to build it. We can work in teams and or as individuals during the build party. One other thought is to do a global weekend build party where we would coordinate the build party via video conferencing.
  3. Hi I was wondering if you would be interested in joining me in building my quad copter. If you will do it for fees, let me know.