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  1. Thanks for listening to this episode. I read the book prior to my interview with Allen. It has a lot of useful tips, and I think the biggest idea is to focus on sales before spending a lot of money on the business infrastructure. As Allen explains, that's a little counter intuitive to most of us, but I could definitely see where it puts the emphasis on business development right at the start.
  2. Thanks so much for the mention and for your continuing listening to the show. If you have a topic, idea or specific question that I can explore on a future show, let me know.
  3. Hello Allen and everyone else. It took me a while to finally register for your site. Just wanted to introduce myself. I host and produce a weekly podcast (Drone Radio Show) on drones and the people that use them for business, fun and research. My knowledge of drones is still evolving, so I'm looking forward to exploring the forums, meeting other people and learning from them.