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  1. One caution using Litchi: I have read of ( but have not experienced) a potential conflict between the DJI Go app & Litchi. if Go or a remnant of it is running when you run Ltchi there is a possibility of a loss of connection between your controller & your drone. To prevent that you need to make sure Go is completely shut down before starting Litchi. On an android device you can go to settings > Apps, select DJI Go & hit Force Stop. Cycling power should also work. You could also run Litchi on a separate device, which is what I do.
  2. Gorgeous property! And very well presented, but camera motion is a bit jerky and unsteady in pans and tilts. It looks like you were controlling it manually, and it's a hard problem to beat. If you're flying a Phantom or an Inspire, I strongly suggest you look into Litchi - For minimal cost and a moderate learning curve, you can vastly improve a lot of the shortcomings of manual flight.
  3. Silk Purse,

    Do you have any suggestions to my inquiry regarding adaptive lenses for the CGO2 camera? As you know, there is no way to get this lens to function as a telephoto lenses.

    Jim, New Pilot


    1. Silk Purse

      Silk Purse


      I saw your post.  It's an interesting topic.  While I've seen lens adapters for things like the IPhone & others, I have no experience using them, and so I didn't respond directly to your post.  I did see a zoomable camera on a drone at the photo expo in NYC last year.  It was big bucks, and while it would be fun to play with, I don't think I could justify the $$$. The DJI Inspire can take the X5 camera which is micro 4/3 format and can accept lenses from Panasonic or Olympus, but I think any very long lens in the 100-200mm range would overload the gimbal.

      There are also some lens adapters for GoPro cameras, but again I have no experience with them, and i think there's concern about overloading your gimbal.

      Sorry I can't be of more help, but I hope you pursue this and post to the forum if you find anything interesting.


    2. New Pilot

      New Pilot

      Silk Purse, 

      Thanks for the return message. You are probably correct in that there are not any listing lenses for a CGO2 camera. I was curious because I wanted to shoot video with a zoom capability, looking down from about a 350 foot altitude. 


    3. Silk Purse

      Silk Purse


      To follow up I was looking through the junk I collected from the photo expo I mentioned. I found the flyer for the drone with the zoomable camera.  I didn't remember yesterday, but it's a Yuneec Tornado H920 ($3500 from B&H) plus you'd need the GB 603 gimbal ($1500) and a Panasonic Lumix GH4 (Another $1500), and, oh yes, a lens for the camera.  That's serious money where I come from.  Can't you simulate the zoom by flying in closer to your subject?

  4. Wouldn't a chute like this obstruct or interfere with the GPS which in a Phantom sits right under where this device would mount?
  5. Jon, I'm using Microsoft's One Drive now because of the integration into Office, but I've used DropBox & Google Drive as well.They're all really excellent. MS gives you a terabyte if you're an Office 365 user. It's a snap to deliver large files to customers.
  6. Jon, Any of the cloud storage services out there aught to do the trick. Drop Box, MS One Drive, Google Drive, etc., etc. You upload to the cloud & send your recipient a link.
  7. Jon, Real estate agents, or at least the ones I deal with, often have trouble grasping the advantage of shooting their listings from the air, especially as aerial photography will increase their marketing cost. And as I'm sure you know, that money comes out of their pockets, and it can be 6 months or more until they see a return. It's important to be selective about which properties to shoot from the air. Some are easy to figure, like waterfront properties, but for some it's not so obvious. I put together this portfolio in an effort to demonstrate the advantage of aerial work - https://
  8. hello - would you be able to provide a link to your web site? I too am interested in getting into the commercial side of drone photography/video. I was a real estate broker and still Have a lot of contacts in that business. I also am a fixed and rotory wing (helicopter) pilot. Thanks ahead of time and much appreciated!

    1. Silk Purse

      Silk Purse

      Aerial work isn't on my website - yet.  I'd be happy to discus why, but pls contact me offsite -

  9. Pricing, to a very large extent, will depend on the price of the properties you're shooting. A real estate agent will be a lot more likely to spend marketing money on a multi million dollar estate than a $250 K tract home. If you're just starting out I'd suggest speaking to one or more local agents - preferably agents who specialize in large, high end properties. I find that I get a lot more requests for still images than video because the websites local agents use most, the MLS &, do not host video, though that may be different in your area. It's also important for you to u