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  1. We have the technology to fly pilotless aircraft now for many years. In the early 60's I was monitoring aircraft flying early versions of the Cat III landing systems which was the forerunner to today;s systems. I would say that you may see pilotless planes here in the very near future even though we may never see the FAA certify totally pilotless operations. There is a lot of concerns about what happens in an emergency type situation.
  2. This is an ongoing war here in Florida. Drones offer an alternative other than foot search. Cameras and focal length would have to improve and even if an invasive species is encountered, an on the ground has to still take place to retrieve the species. Someone with a drone could cover a grid pattern fly to expedite coverage of an area.
  3. Practice my flying skills, my photo hobby and teach my grandchildren the art and joy of flying.
  4. Hello all, Former Photo Interpreter, Pilot, Air Traffic Controller and Teacher. I know, a long list of qualifications. I also fly a DJI pro zoom. I lost my flight physical in 1979 but I still love aviation and find the drone as an escape to relax and get the "in the seat" experience. As you can guess, I am getting pretty old but I don't feel it and stay active with my many hobbies. I have no intentions of becoming a licensed drone pilot but I have been teaching my grandson to fly a DJI Mavic which I gave to him. I am trying to get him interested in agricultural uses . His father is an owner of
  5. I am a retired Photo Annalist (Photo Interpreter). It should be noted for this discussion, government agencies are constantly using aerial imagery for all sorts of things from spy imagery, code enforcement, property appraisal, mapping etc....... You should be aware as stated, you do not own the airspace above your property so anyone can fly over and take pictures. What the pictures are used for can come into question such as invasion of privacy such as trying to sell pictures taken over a nudist facility. Check the laws!