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  1. I'm hoping they include 3rd Party App connections like the Mavic 2 has. All of the recent products don't have access to 3rd party apps from my understanding, which is a shame with you want to delve in photography and other industries. And would they include the Mavic 3 with the Go4 app, or try to incorporate it into the Fly app. Any thoughts?
  2. Wow, we're getting closer to the reality of the Jetsons (if anyone remembers that show...)! I think it's a really cool possibly, but there must be a lot upcoming work, stress, and hassle handling this with creating taxi depots, integrating it into the NAS, and overall demonstrating safety. Just some thoughts.
  3. @Racefan1324 Not that I've seen. Honestly, the Mavic Pro in my opinion is becoming outdated, but I understand not everyone has money to buy the newest drone (including myself). Do you have multiple batteries for the Mavic Pro, or just one? If you would decide on a new drone, one similar is price and probably better is statistics is the Mavic Air 2.
  4. I personally think it's real, but it goes to say how did Best Buy mess up the timing for that? Do those types of stores get that much of early access to products that aren't even announced/released? Definitely an interesting situation. DroneDJ had an article or two about this, plus the review of the Mavic Mini 2. I honestly don't think it's too worth it based upon the stats (probably because I already have a Mavic Mini and don't personally need 4k video), but I've yet to see any significant changes. Just my thoughts. Here's the DroneDj article.
  5. @Av8Chuck Awesome information! Thanks so much. I’ll definitely talk to my firefighter friends about this and see their point of view!
  6. @Benjamin AAC Hi, I think this is super cool! I don't have a business yet or do enough work to assist you, but I know an organization called the Civil Ai Patrol. I'm part of their Cadet Programs and they are investing and building an sUAS program. This might be a good option for them, because they're looking for options that have long flight and mapping abilities to use for Search and Rescue and Damage Assessment. The POC is Lt Col Austin Worcester (
  7. Hi Future Drone, So, when I look at your idea (which sounds very intriguing), my instant thought is a drone that shoots out Febreeze. Probably not the idea you had, but it brings up the point of how does your drone plan to purify the air? Also, how would it operate? Would you make it like the robotic vacuum cleaners that can map your house and move systematically? Also, who is your target demographic? Suggestions: I would invest in a cage, kinda like the Flyability Elios (I think that's it). Possibly LiDAR or some sort of sensor system to prevent bumping into walls, objects, or human beings. Just some thoughts. Let me know what you think.
  8. I think this is really interesting. Do the firefighters or other personnel involved have a way of identifying what type of drones also enter these areas? I'm assuming a good majority would be DJI due to their grasp of the industry, but could it be lower end models or higher end?
  9. I'm honestly super excited. I love the Mavic Mini, but not being able to use 3rd Party Apps or more advanced flight modes is a bummer. Mavic Air 2 has my support. I haven't seen anything that makes it terrible, but I could be worng.
  10. Hi, if I was able to win the Mavic Mini, I would use it to help increase my drone flying skills, help teach others how to fly, and hopefully start doing jobs for other people using drone videography and filmography. I'm really interested in the drone industry, and I'm hoping to use Drone Pilot Ground School to help me get my Part 107 and get involved. Thanks for your offer!