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  1. Hi again Ryan, Just wanted to keep you in the loop with this, as we're still really interested in working together in some way! We've been putting a few final fixes on this site over the last week or two, and are hoping to have these all completed by early next week. I'll be in touch when they are! Could you let me know any initial ideas you have about how we could collaborate? Thanks! Jack
  2. @Ryan S we're just working on ironing out a few last creases on the site (ensuring that all pages are indexed etc.) then we'll be back in touch to give the piece a real push! It's great that you've given us such comprehensive feedback, we will definitely look more into how we can make use of social media in the promotion elements. Thanks again! Jack
  3. Thanks Ryan, really appreciate the feedback and will bear it in mind!
  4. Thanks Alan, Yes, that was one of the biggest challenges for us. We found that there were certain stories which lined up really well, and others where there was very little, and an opposite of the story didn't seem to exist. We lined them up as much as we could, but as you say, some stories aren't opposites, it's more a case of "now you've seen this, you could consider this". Jack
  5. Hi Alan, Thanks for the kind words about the writing! Navigation-wise, there isn't really a recommended way to pass through the site, it's got so much content that we wanted people to just peruse through stories that looked interesting to them. As far as the feedback, we like exactly the type that you've just given, the piece was an experiment on our side and we'd love to know what works and what doesn't for people. What did you think of the "flipside" element? That was the most experimental element of the piece for us.
  6. Hi Everyone, For a few months, I've been involved in creating a huge UAV news site, packed with original interviews, great stories and all the best vids that we could find online. I thought you guys might be interested to see it, and would love some feedback on the site. You can see it here: http://www.dronesfutureskies.com/ Thanks! Jack