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  1. Alan, Thank you for your welcome message! I have registered my drone with the FAA. I was hoping to find a generic template for real estate petition. The FAA check list shows. Operator’s name and address; The specific applicable regulations from which relief is required (CFRs); How the operator will maintain an equivalent level of safety or no adverse impact to safety; How granting the exemption would be in the public interest; The proposed operations; and, The make and model of the aircraft for proposed operations (aircraft manuals are not necessary). Then I found one [lace on the internet they wants to charge $1500.00 and will let me download the first 12 pages for free. Can I just write a simple petition and submit it myself. Thank you Alan for your time. Don
  2. Hello, my name is Don. I am a real estate photographer. Well thats what i do on the side. I am retired military. This is my second drone. I am hoping to use my new phantom 3 as part of my real estate business. I have to do a section 333 with the FAA. So if anyone here has done that I would like your help. I look forward to learning to be a better pilot and to be a bette videographer. Thank you.