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  1. Thank you to all who have added to this thread as I was needing pricing information. I started a company in AZ a few years ago for the sole purpose of Real Estate/Drone video photography, but waited on the FAA to finalize what was needed for the Part 107 license. I have several Realtors that I personally called and talked with about using drones to shoot footage. They were overwhelming in their support and are in much need of licensed commercial drone pilots. That said, I needed a price list to send out to them and this helps tremendously.


    Thank you again.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Chase Flynn | UAV Coach said:
    6 minutes ago, Chase Flynn | UAV Coach said:

    Hi @surfdaddy65

    Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! It is great to hear that your are working towards becoming FAA Part 107 certified. What type of work are you looking to do with your certification?

    Looking forward to your response! 

     - Chase 

    I have setup a company in Arizona, will be setting up in Utah as well to do Real Estate Video/Photography. I have several agents that are family and close friends that are eagerly waiting for me to come video their listings. I also have a major Commercial Real Estate startup that has asked to talk with me to shoot their commercial properties. So lots of opportunity, just have to keep at it and get license finished. 

  3. Newish Member, I am located in Utah and current student in the Part 107 program. I am exited and have

    some great opportunities that just keep flooding in. I look forward to meeting others, getting vast amounts

    of input, and number one having a great time.

    Thank you,