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  1. Experienced (in UAV Years) UAV Pilot with 7 yrs flying with government. FAA Part 107 certified (2nd time around). USAF (VietNam era) Usage of UAV's to perform visual/video inspection and reviews of canals and waterways in South Florida that are in our District. We also perform mapping tasks for engineers using Pix4D and Fastmapper in the field. Have successfully obtained multiple COA's for flight over canals next to multiple airports, but everything shuts down when the POTUS is in town. Small fleet of Inspires, different models. We started a project this year of using a Drone in Water to
  2. What could we do with a Mavic Mini? Our organization currently uses DJI Inspire Drones to perform mapping as well as video reviews of canals in the system that are under our jurisdiction in South Florida. We have one certified FAA Pilot who works in our offices on the main campus. The Pilot performs all the FAA registrations and maintains our FAA SOP’s for preparation, flight and maintenance. Florida is overwhelmed with evasive species threatening our wildlife. We are participating in a program with the University of Florida to identify and map the existence of Nile Monitors on canal