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  1. So far I am very impressed, I have now flown a few times outdoors, including in some tight areas around trees and powerlines, and its sensors adjusted its course to avoid all of it. Maybe it was luck, but I'd like to believe it is just some impressive engineering. I did perform an indoor test flight, and the only issue I had was using the return to home feature indoors. It detected too many obstructions and started flying erratically to avoid them. It didn't hit anything, so I guess that is a success, but the speed at which it was moving while doing this was just a bit faster than I expec
  2. Hello everyone, Fairly new drone pilot here, currently going for my Part 107. Been flying for a few months, mostly with the MAVIC 2, but also with the Mavic Air, JJRC X12, and most recently the Skydio 2. I mostly fly for work but am hoping to get into recreational flying as well.
  3. New to the whole drone thing, so the mavic mini would be perfect!