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  1. KEEP YOUR DRONE AWAY FROM WILDFIRES There are lots of great places to fly your drones, but over or near a wildfire isn’t one of them. In fact, drone operators who interfere with wildfire suppression efforts are subject to civil penalties of up to $27,500 and possible criminal prosecution. Here’s why it’s important: Aerial firefighting aircraft, such as airtankers and helicopters, fly at very low altitudes, just a couple hundred feet above the ground and in the same airspace as hobby and recreational drones. This creates the potential for a mid-air collision that could seriously injure or kill wildland firefighters in the air or on the ground. As a result of unlawful drone operations near fires this year, fire managers have temporarily grounded all aerial firefighting aircraft on several occasions for safety reasons. Shutting down firefighting operations could cause wildfires to become larger and can threaten lives, property, and valuable natural and cultural resources. The bottom line is “If You Fly, We Can’t." Please fly responsibly – keep your drone away from wildfires. JUST got this from the FAA - for those of you who aren't on their email list I would recommend it. We don't want to be a part of the news report about a 'curious drone pilot taking pictures of wildfire'. Just sayin'...
  3. Lots happening w/ 107 - here's this AM's article from the WSJ regarding it:
  4. And away we go!
  5. Just pulled this from WSJ this AM - this is going to be an interesting topic - please let me know if the link is not goo. Thank you!
  6. Here's the latest from WSJ re. new FAA legislation: Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Bipartisan FAA Bill Without Air-Traffic Control Privatization Legislation aims to beef up airport security and promote widespread use of commercial drones
  7. Just pulled this off WSJ a few minutes ago - looks interesting!
  8. Here's a friendly suggestion to all the new FPV operators...I have a 4k as well and wished someone had suggested this to me...if you are new to this hobby and not sure what to do first do this: TAKE OFF THE CAMERA and PACK it AWAY. There is way too much going on when you first get don't need the FPV distraction...there is a very good reason that the higher end UAV's come with two controllers - one is to fly, the other is to operate the camera. LEARN to fly FIRST...then worry about the camera...My last youtube video has some great ends with me crashing into a tree...what you didn't see, secondly, is me crashing again and breaking the frame in two and cracking my camera good (I bought a replacement frame - that's all done - a LOT of work but I flew it yesterday and today and it fly's great). The camera smokes when I connect it...not good - sending it to Yuneec this week for repairs that are all my fault. I REALLY wish when I first bought this that someone had told me to just leave the camera off and focus on learning how to fly the aircraft - sounds silly - I got caught up in all the youtube videos and glory shots like a lot of us do - 'I can do this no problem...'...ok...maybe you can but I wished I hadn't. the flying skill set will come and come quickly as you spend more time with your bird. I'm learning in reverse - needed the adjustment - and am back flying again yesterday and today (bought a set of the carbon Aerial props made in Germany - sweet by the way). We'll see what happens to the camera - will keep you posted. Good luck and fly smart AND safe.
  9. Only going by the posted dates of others and the confirmation date from the FAA, I have seen from 5-6 months...not sure if that is changing however that is what they currently show. Hopefully this shortens. Congrats by the way!! Please keep us updated on the progress!.
  10. Great article - very informative - I'm in the beginning stages of this now - doing this on my own - wil probably be at least a month before I can file it. Thank you for sharing!
  11. I have but am not really set up to create a video if this project. However, I do see a definite need for it - a quick youtube search will show that - not much out there at all - none that is has any detailed information, at least that I found. Here's what I can report so far: I cracked it up bad enough to justify replacing the entire frame - found a replacement for around $60 on either ebay or Amazon. They come with all necessary screws (a kit) for re-assembly. If your a novice like me, ensure you establish a work place that is out of the way and will not be disturbed. There are a lot of small parts - mainly screws, that if bumped or spilled will add to the frustration - this is preventable with an 'isolated' work space. GOOD LIGHTING - sounds pretty straight forward until you realize the nooks and crannies of a drone. Aside from decent room lighting, I found that a head lamp was very useful. I use it for camping but it is a wonderful aid, relatively inexpensive and ADJUSTABLE - will point exactly to the right spot needed. TOOLS: One nice thing about drone repair is that the tools needed are relatively basic and therefore inexpensive. I went to the local hardware store and found everything I needed. Two small hex wrench kits ENGLISH and METRIC - you will three different sizes on the Yuneec 4k (for the most part) cost around $20 or less for both sets. a very small PHILLIPS HEAD screw driver - the one I bought was around $1.00 - it's all they had at my local store and worked great -- I actually wore it out (cheap metal) so will buy another one for the re-assembly. You will use this a lot as well. You will need a soldering iron. I bought an 'expensive' one for around $25.00 and some solder (there are two types - conductive and non-conductive solder - make sure you get the conductive type - I didn't know this until the clerk asked me). Mine had three LED lights that shine on the object being worked on. Each motor station has 5 leads that are going to have to be removed and re-soldered to complete the install. Three to the ESC card itself and two on the motor. There is a good tip I found on youtube from FPV guy who was at Yuneec to demo replacing an ESC board on one of the motors - see below - its excellent and explained a lot. DOCUMENT AS YOU GO: I realized early on that as I am clueless about this whole process, I needed some sort of record the remind me where things go back once I'm ready to install - I have an iPad that I took several pictures of various components - this is proving to be very helpful now that I am in the re-assembly stage. TWEEZERS are also really handy for re-inserting screws into holes - simple but effective. So, that's where I'm at so far - I have fully removed everything from the old frame and have just about re-applied it to the new one. The next major hurdle is re-installing the 4 motors and ESC's to each. The will be 5 soldering points for each - will see how that goes and update as I progress. Hope that helps.
  12. What happened is that I got too close to a tree - about 15 feet above a garage roof, providing for another 15 foot roll down a 5/12 pitch roof and another 11 foot drop from the roof edge to the frozen ground. Landing on the front left corner, breaking the frame and 'cushioned' by the CGO3 camera/gimble (not good at all). I have ordered and received (replace last evening) a new CGO3 camera housing kit from - those guys rock. And also a replacement frame for the drone (should arrive today). I have watched a couple of youtube (my saving grace between this web site and youtube) videos about this type of thing. I think taking my time and documenting as I go will be the order for this project. A great lesson learned - dont EVER get over confident in your skills. I thought I understood this before I took off (the end result proved otherwise) - no 'crash' insurance (I will be getting) that and looking at $600+ in replacement drone/camera and parts for the existing one. Like my dad says...'dumb hurts'...:). Lesson learned - again - hopefully. Will be in touch regarding the progress - will hopefully be done after this weekend.
  13. Thanks Alan - I see where this goes - I think the last time I soldered was in 5th grade...:)
  14. Hello PG - glad I found this as I crashed my Yuneek 4k last weekend - do you work on these as well? I'll email you - let me know. Thank you for posting this!!
  15. Thank you! I've seen you work - very impressive - do you have a preference? Can I ask which one you use?