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  1. Hi @IMann Currently I trying to build up copter on ArduCopter for testing purposes on small fields. Also I have 2.1meter selfmade flying-wing and 1,6m glider on APM too. The Wing has long enough flight time and I want to integrate s110 camera for NDVI analysis using APM possibilities to control the camera. You`re right, we have here some large farms and fields. But also we have huge crisis and during last year our currency dropped 3 times to dollar. As UAV components all cost in $, the agro-monitoring service also has to be expensive. So economically better for farmer to hire worker a
  2. Sergiy

    PIDs for APM F450

    Thanks for the answer and advice.
  3. Interesting thoughts, guys. I`m currently working on pretty similar project in Ukraine, but choose flying wing platform and canon s115 on it.
  4. Sergiy

    PIDs for APM F450

    Hello! I am new in the community and want to ask you a question. I built quad on F450 with APM 2.6 on board. Electronics works good, everything calibrated. APM is vibro-dumped. But it flipped several times because of wrong pids settings. First time it flipped when in guided mode it banked back for airbrake. And second flipover was whan in RTL it descended. There was huge diagonal wobbling and crash... ( When in Stab, AltHold or Loiter mode - it is good and stable on slow speeds. I`m really upset because I can`t be sure in my copter and I can`t fly as I want - high, far and