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  1. Hi all! I am new to the drone scene but very excited by getting into the field. I'm in the Chehalem Valley area of Oregon. Any one out here in this neck of the woods or nearby areas (Salem, Hillsboro, etc.)? I've enjoyed flying my little drone around the yard and nearby parks but would like to get in contact with others here. Thanks in advance and hope that you're all staying safe out there. Kyle
  2. New here but I'll take a try at this. If I win this nifty little drone, I will learn to fly it in our yard and the local large field with no one it can fly over. I can use that experience as help to take the FAA license test to get certified as a drone pilot. I will then pursue opportunities for using drones professionally in my area. OK, I will be doing this anyway, regardless of whether I get it or not. I like the drones I've seen from DJI and it would be neat to fly. Thanks! Fingers crossed