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  1. Thanks for asking. I launched the platform last week so it will take time before things pick up. The over all response is very positive and people feel the need of such platform. Few transactions have taken place so far. I have bootstrapped around $40K. Currently, there are 2 hobby drones available: Mavic Mini for $5/day & Mavic 2 Pro for $8/day. I am just trying to interview more drone users and spread the word out about iGivU.
  2. Hey, You can try different drones by renting out for few days. Mavic Mini is good to start with. I have launched a startup - iGivU - Drone Sharing platform.
  3. Hey! I have launched a Peer-to-Peer Drone sharing marketplace - iGivU (it would be great if you can visit and give feedback) What do you think generally about drones rental Concept? What do you think is missing from currently available platforms? I am looking to get insights, opinions and suggestions. Feel free to share! Please fill a Short Survey