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  1. @Tom Inloes Thanks for this information. I liked the video of project that you showed. We tried Drone Deploy for the first time this last weekend. I liked it but found some issues with it as well. I will give Maps Made Easy a try too. Right after I told the guy that hired me that the Drone Deploy app was great, we had connectivity issues and I had to bring the M-100 back. The unfortunate part about our project is that there are high tension electrical lines nearby, so I am unsure how much that could be impacting things as well. @TLG Dan Inloes I am not sure how old the iPad Ai
  2. Dave, Thanks for response. I completed the latest firmware, IOS, and Pix4D updates a few days before we went out on this mission. I did some additional research after posting my original post here and found three other forums, including a Pix4D forum, where people indicated that this is a problem with a variety of different DJI products (Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic) and several different iPad models. There was nothing about the M-100, but the issues were exactly the same with the other aircraft. I think there is a disconnect somewhere between the DJI software, the IOS software, and the Pix
  3. Hello everyone, I had a major issue today while using Pix4D during a commercial UAS operation today and I want to see if anyone in the forum had knowledge as to why my issue happened. My UAS company is currently subcontracting for another UAS company. We are currently working a large scale (10 nautical mile) 2D Pix4D mapping and Litchi video project of a small river to find ways to prevent flooding issues. The project will have 46 Pix4D flights when we are done. The aircraft that we are using with Pix4D are his DJI Matrice 100 (M-100) and my DJI Phantom 4 Pro. We are using the iPad air
  4. R.Martin, No worries. You'd think if DJI was gonna charge $900 for the Z3 camera it would work with a variety of apps, including their own GS Pro app. The standard X3 is only $500 and that's cheaper than buying a new Phantom with a bunch of batteries so we may end up going that route and using the Z3 for jobs where we actually need the zoom. Chris
  5. Chan, For some reason the Z3 does not like to work with much of anything out there except the DJI Go app. We got lucky and it ended up working, but the app was crashing a lot. Fully closing down and changing to the home screen on my iPad mid flight. It's frustrating that the Z3 isn't set up to work with more considering the cost of camera. I could not get it to work with the Litchi app either so we had to use my Phantom 3 Pro for the video shoots of our project. The zoom feature would be nice on video shoots especially considering we were restricted by 162 foot high tension power lines o
  6. R. Martin, Thanks for your help. We ended up using the Pix4D Capture app for a section of the river project this last weekend. The app crashed a few times mid-flight, which was interesting. I had to bring the M-100 back and start the mission over after restarting the app. I never figured out why the app was crashing. When it was working everything turned out great though. Client only need 2D so we didn't have to worry about 3D stuff. Over a 1000 pics were taken over the weekend with the Pix4D Capture app, so not too bad. Chris
  7. R. Martin, We will be using Pix4D. The issue I have with the Pix4D app is that is seems that the 3D mapping can only be done in squares or rectangles (unless I am doing something wrong). We are doing a river survey with both 2D and 3D mapping and the river has a bunch of curves so squares and rectangle flight patterns are going to make it more difficult. The DJI GS Pro app lets you customize the 3D mapping flights to fit the area being flown over so I wanted to see if there were any other apps that allow for that. Drone Deploy looks like it does, but I am not sure that I can use the Dro
  8. Hey all, Does anyone know if the Litchi app does 3D mapping? From what I have seen on YouTube and the internet, I have not seen that feature, but I figured I would ask all the experts here before I bought it. We are doing a 3D mapping mission soon with a DJI Matrice 100 with the Zenmuse Z3 camera. The original plan was to use the DJI GS Pro app, but I was having trouble getting the Z3 camera to work with the program. I found out today from DJI tech support that there is a compatibility issue between the Z3 and the GS Pro app, but they are "working on the issue" (whatever that means)
  9. Hey all, I was doing some research on various UAS photo mapping software companies. I came across Simactive Correlator 3D and Correlator 3D UAV software and wondered if anyone in the forum has used it for UAS mapping. There are options for subscriptions and full permanent purchase of the software. The permanent price for Simactive is around $2300 less than Pix4D. It looks interesting, but wasn't sure if it would be on par with Pix4D or Drone Deploy. The client list on the website is pretty extensive and includes the US Army Corps of Engineers. Let me know what you think. http://www
  10. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to see what people are doing to market/advertise their UAS businesses to new customers under Part 107. I just got my hard copy from the FAA for my Remote Pilot Certification today, I have UAS insurance, a website (www.orangutanaerials.com), a business Facebook page, and my business cards. I ran out of money for any type of marketing or advertising, but plan on making that a priority in the next few months. I am going to have some t-shirts made with my business info so when I am out at festivals and events people can see it. That is a small thing to do , but I
  11. Hey Marcel, My temporary was issued on 09/04/176 too. I just got the hard copy today in the mail. Yours should be there soon I would imagine. Chris
  12. Joe, It really depends on your desire and what you hope to achieve. In my opinion there are two schools of thought on where to get started. You could by a low end drone from Amazon.com or somewhere else to get started and get more comfortable with flying them before upgrading. The other side of the coin is to buy a DJI Phantom 4 (or similar type drone) and learn on that. Downside is that if you crash the Phantom then you are out $1200 to $1500 depending on what you spent on it. There are several other forums on this topic here. If you search through the forum, you will find some really g
  13. Hey Ed, Thank you for sharing this information. It is nice to hear a positive story coming out the waiver issue. It seems like many of us are already frustrated with the process that the FAA has in place. Hopefully they will make it better soon. Chris
  14. Hey Washington, I am facing the same issues with pricing. I am almost done building my website for my UAS business, but really have no idea what to charge. I have seen some companies that operate under half and full day rates depending on what they are doing. I don't want to sell myself short and charge too little, but I don't want to get cocky and charge too high potentially scaring away customers. Chris
  15. Ok I got it all figured out. I got issued my temporary flight certificate yesterday from a designated pilot examiner (DPE). I got his number from calling the flight school I rent manned aircraft from and asking who they used as the DPE. A CFI can do it too, but they cannot issue a temporary flight certificate and you will have to wait for the FAA to send you your certificate. The DPE met me at the flight school and went over all my paperwork. Once he was satisfied that it was complete he issued my temporary flight certificate. The DPE's do charge for their services, but I only paid $25.00 for