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  1. Update: still trying to figure this out. tried all TX pads to run FPort - no luck re-updated all equipment - no luck flashed flex fport firmware onto r9m and r9mm and checked “flexr9m” box on open TX - no luck Have tried playing with “serialrx halfduplex” and “serialrx inverted” - no luck I am out of ideas and ended up ordering another r9mm. Will flash with FPort Flex firmware and see if we get some stick movement. if not, looks like I’ll just be running SBUS with smartport.
  2. I've been continuing my research on this and realize I was incorrect about TX2 - UART1 UART1 is reserved for SBUS, UART4 is reserved for Bluetooth, and UART6 is used for ESC telemetry. So technically when I enable Serial RX on UART2 (TX2) I should get signal from my r9mm outputting from the Smartport pad. I emailed Diatone about this but their only help is "look at our diagram" which I have stared at for days. Attached is the supplied diagram for the Mamba F722s Stack
  3. I am having a terrible time trying to set up F.Port on a Mamba F722s (30x30). FC, Reciever, and Transmitter and R9M are all up to date with latest FCC firmware. The reciever (r9mm) is bound to my QX7 & R9M Module. I switched some of the wires around and was able to run SBUS and can confirm I get stick movement but am not seeing any stick movement when the serial reciever provider is set to Fport option. In this case, the green wire (SBUS) is removed. The white wire (smartport wire) I've tried running F.Port from the smartport pin as well as the inverted smartport pin from the r9m
  4. Very excited to join this drone Community.My first drone was a phantom 1. Graduated to a phantom 4 a couple years ago but have now moved more into FPV and building quads.On top of being a drone nerd, I am a car nerd. I have a Nissan 370z and when I’m not ripping a battery or building a drone I’m probably working on the Z or doing something with my car. I'm currently studying to get my Part 107 license and I'm from Boston, MA as the title suggests and would love to find other pilots in the area to fly with.Anyways, hyped to be here. Here’s a link to one of my FPV videos and some pics of my al