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  1. HI Donna, Here is one example.
  2. Yep, motors were replaced and it flies great now.
  3. You can, it looks like there are several on the market. So far, I have not felt he need for a GPS tracker as the on screen display `gives me distance, direction, attitude, as well as a visual from the drone. I have intstalled a DJI 2.4 Data Link and Ground Station. That is not only a GPS tracker but allows for programmed flight. I used it once not taking into consideration the tree between it and the waypoint I asked it to go to. After hitting the tree, 3 motors burned up trying to reach that way point. So, I have been waiting for time, good weather, and wide open space to try out this feature
  4. Here are some photos. Note, the previous photos in this thread was a design I abondonded because it was too unstable. This design works much better.
  5. Hi Lauren, Thank you for asking. The features are hat I can take pictures with this drone. It has a small fixed camera that I use as a first person view (FPV) perspective when I fly it. Then I have a GoPro 4 mounted on a gimble (DJI Zenmuse H4-3D) that I can tilt up and down to capture the best shot. I can switch between the cameras with a switch on my radio. The video is streamed to a monitor (Black Pearl) fixed to the radio by a transmitter on the drone (DJI AVL 58). Then there is an on screen display that superimposes telemetry to the video screen (DJI iOSD Mark II). This tells me lot
  6. Hi Petey63, Here the gain settings I've been using. They work pretty good for me. Hope this helps. Brian
  7. Thank you Av8Chuck and Ed O'Grady for weighing in on this. I appreciate you perspectives on this issue. I am still very new and naive about this and have a lot to learn.
  8. It sounds like it works like a transponder in an airplane. If someone makes a complaint about a UAV authorities can investigate the code from the drone without the pilot knowledge. If you are flying responsibly, no problem. If not, they have your number. I'm okay with that.
  9. Here is another article about this ID system being proposed. Should drones broadcast their IDs to the world? - Engineers Australia I like the accountability aspect of flying your UAV.
  10. Anyone heard of this? It sound like a good idea. Drone Maker DJI Offers Operator ID Framework - Insurance Journal it sounds like existing components (at least DJI) may be able to transmit an ID identitifying the drone and it's owner, like a transponder.
  11. Hi Spitfire, Thanks for the information about the cable. Is it better to capture video at the receiver end using this cable to transmit the video? I've just been hitting record before takeoff and recording the whole flight in the camera on the SD card the clipping the best parts out. The card is big enough that I can record a couple of flights before it is full.
  12. Hi Spitfire76, I'm using a Zenmuse H4 3D gimbal. It allows only tilt control. I have to move the drone to pan or do anything else. The Zenmuse Z15 does allow full control of the gimbal but it takes two people to fly it. One to do the flying and one to control the camera and do the filming. I'm solo with this UAV. What I did find is that I can use the wireless features of the GoPro to control the camera (start and end video, snap a photo, ect.). This is limited by the wifi range of the GoPro however. But I can take off, and when ready, turn on the video, fly the UAV to get the footage, and
  13. What I have learned: 1. Don't give up. Ask around because someone else probably has tried it before and knows the answer. Several times I have been stuck and Ryan or Dave at the Anchorage House of Hobbies knew the answer or could figure it out. 2. It is better to look around for a platform that is tried and true as opposed to trying to invent my own. My idea may have its merits but something that is already out there probably is better. For example, trying to make something bigger of the Flamewheel 450 did not work as well as just going to the Tarot 650 which is a platform that has b
  14. Here is the link to some photos.
  15. After putting this drone together I just didn't like the way it handled and I didn't like the gimbal being at the bottom-too vulnerable in a crash. Another problem was transporting the drone. I really had no way of packaging it up and traveling with it. So, I scraped the build and put the components on a different frame, the Tarot 650 Sport and I like it a lot. the Tarot frame is about the same weight as the Flamewheel 450 frame with the extended arms. There is more space for components and the arms retract. I also like the built in retract, smaller and lighter than the one I tried to adapt to